Who We Are:

The Wells for Kenya Project is a New England based charity headquartered in Uxbridge, MA run completely by volunteers. We’re striving to become a well recognized African water charity in order to gain notoriety for the cause, and raise funds to drill more water wells in Africa. Although there are other water charities in Africa, the need is still great. Our volunteers have a heart for providing safe water for Kenyan people and eventually clean water for other areas in Africa.


Over the past several years, through the efforts of many volunteers, we have obtained a well-drilling rig and ancillary equipment. The cable-tool type rig has been completely refurbished, mounted on a two and a half ton diesel truck and shipped to Nairobi, Kenya, where it has drilled the first 3 of what we hope will be many, many wells. Our good and trusted friend in Kenya, Dr. Gerry Kibarabara, has assembled a crew who can be on site as new wells are funded.

Future Plans:

We now have a second donated rig which uses simpler technology, is more reliable, easier to maintain, is more fuel efficient and can be moved to remote sites. Our desire is to continue to acquire and refurbish well-drilling rigs and send them to places where water is needed in Kenya and beyond. Valuable use can be made of equipment which is no longer “State-of-the-art” by American standards but will prove to be highly reliable and useful in Africa. We have identified several companies who may be willing to donate their older, unused equipment for a tax deduction.

Our future fund raising efforts will always focus on sponsoring more wells and supporting our Kenyan friends in maintaining the operations already in existence.