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WFKP, a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit charity, began in 1995 with a simple goal: Send a well-drilling rig to Kenya to drill water wells for the villages outside Nairobi.

The idea came to Michael Martino, of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, after he heard Dr. Gerry Kibarabara, a clergyman from Kenya, speak about the lack of safe, clean, potable water in his native land. Dr. Kibarabara’s stories of contaminated ground water and the difficulties of obtaining water for drinking, cooking, washing and irrigation, inspired Michael to take action.

Over the course of several years, and with the help of generous volunteers, Michael succeeded in finding and refurbishing a donated cable tool rig. That rig, mounted on a two and a half ton diesel truck, is now in Kenya and has drilled the first of what we hope will be many wells.

Kenyan women collecting water from one of our wells


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